Turning The Screws — Taxing The Urban And Rural Poor

You Can Simply Renounce Your US Citizenship And Leave

Chris Roman


Photoshop (Christopher Roman)

By: Christopher Roman

There is a phrase in the United States that seems to be gaining momentum — Tax The Rich

Please, let’s dispel this mythology before it becomes a type of parietal art, in Plato’s Cave. The reality is, once you get to the threshold of 10 million in liquid assets — your willingness to pay taxes is simply a personal choice.

The truth is, your tax base is formulated on your residency and where you live is how you are taxed. Some say, ” well shoot, as a US Citizen I must comply with the CBT and FATCA.”

Not quite.

You can simply renounce your US citizenship. Then the stress and indecision will be no more. Now the world is open to you and your money. But, most importantly, without the bone-crushing US Empire breathing down your neck.

Believe me, it’s a liberating feeling.