The Economic Crisis Within A False Bubble Of Prosperity

Saving Yourself From The Black Hole

Chris Roman


Photoshop (Christopher Roman)

When examining an economic crisis outside of our so-called bubble of prosperity. It is a risk that centers around 2.3 quadrillion in derivatives debt. Let’s put this into perspective, there is not enough money in the universe to salvage a systemic collapse once it starts to gain momentum. It’s nowhere to be found. Not in the US Treasury or anywhere in nation-state governments. Or looking at it another way, there is not enough human productivity in all of human history to even make the slightest difference in a collapse with the current derivatives risk.

In A Systemic Collapse What Happens To Your Money?

It’s very simple, at this moment, your wealth is a digital entry with no real value. Your IRA and or 401k simply exists on a balance sheet that has been leveraged many times over. In reality, this money has no real meaning– it’s been already vaporized into the abyss. That is why 401k and IRA pension schemes or scams make it so difficult to liquidate money. Keeping the illusion going is a top priority in the fund management business. Therefore, locking up risk capital so the client can’t touch it is a top priority.

I know what many of you are thinking, ” I will just keep money in for the long term. After all, I don’t…