The Worst Investments In American History — The Monte Carlo Circus

Pensions and 401(k)s? The Bailout Fund For The United States Government

Chris Roman
7 min readJul 26, 2021


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By: Christopher Roman

As described by the “Father of the 401(k)” Ted Benna: the 401(k) “helped open the door for Wall Street to make even more money than they were already making.”

What are these financial instruments that focus on retirement savings in the United States, anyway?

Generally, retirement savings derivatives are focused on “lock-up agreements” that deny the participants access to their capital. And most importantly, they defer tax settlements with the government to a point in the uncertain future. A future where the federal tax rate will be somewhere in geosynchronous orbit. Better known in America as a 401(k).

The fact is, 401(k) pools are gold mines to some of the largest financial institutions in the world. They have spent billions in marketing these “shit” products. Over many years, they have carefully managed these derivatives perceptions to the public. If this wasn’t enough, many of these institutions have invested millions in understanding the psychology of their client. This is so that they can market and manage these financial instruments more easily. These institutions have also given billions to lawmakers to help preserve these horrible investments. The lawmakers, in turn, legitimize these derivatives for contributions. Once again, demonstrating their contempt for the society they are entrusted to protect.

But, why are these financial instruments such horrible investments? I will give 8 reasons why I think you should stay clear of these ridiculous products. Of course, most will not heed this advice and most will be happy at home playing Zombies on Xbox

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